Tuff stone

Tuff stone is a natural building material that is composed of ash, sand and lava that is created by volcanic eruptions; it is a precipitate stone that is usually light-colored and mildly porous.


Tuff stone is in a soft structure when it is extracted from the quarry; and when it comes into contact with air, wind and sun, it becomes hard and turns into a natural building structure. Thanks to its natural and volcanic characteristics, it allows extremely solid structures to be built and ensures a sound heat insulation.


Some of the advantages of using tuff stone in structures are; no iron is used within structures, inner and external walls don’t require plastering, whitewashing and similar applications and the place is warm during winter and cooler during summer. After its application, it has a characteristic of solidifying the structure by binding more to each other day after day.


Tuff stone has a wide range of use in structures; it is used in inner and external locations as the main support structure, architectural element and decoration element. Tuff stone walls can be made to look decorative, and used as a visual wealth in archways, columns and gardens.

The colors of tuff stone may change according to conditions of the season, and it is becoming more and more popular in inner and external locations due to natural liveliness it provides to the structures.

The superior characteristics of volcanic tuff stone and its area of usage:

Volcanic tuff stone has many superior characteristics that affect its area of usage;


• It is a light stone. Its specific gravity is low.

• It has a rich color variety in harmony with the nature.

• Its colors are resistant to fading.

• It is corrosion-resistant.

• Its helps protecting the humidity in the soil.

• It reduces the watering requirement.

• It doesn’t wear out due to water, doesn’t get easily affected by win and hard natural reagents.

• It is used in enclosing the trees and bushes.

• Prevents the formation of weeds.

• Resistant against fire.

• Easy to place.