About Us

We started our commercial life on 1986 as Aydoğdu Ticaret.

In 2000, we laid the foundations of our current establishment by licensing and obtaining Stone Quarry at Akçatepe in Çeşme ALAÇATI.

We obtained the license for our tuff stone quarry on 2000, completed its infrastructure works on 2005 and began production and sales on 2010. We also obtained an exploration license for the application we made for crushed stone quarry in 2000 and it began its commercial life with a business license in 2005. Developing and operating in the same quarry for approximately 12 years, our commercial activities are specialized in two different areas of crushed stone quarry and natural stone quarry, and it is making its way to larger objectives.

We appear in construction sector and in domestic market with our crushed stone quarry, and our tuff stone quarry, which we own as natural stone, constantly increase its popularity in both domestic and foreign markets and appear at inner and external face walls.