Namık Kemal Aydoğdu, Aydoğdu Ticaret’s Chairman of the Board, says their objective is to make ALAPİETRA stone a world brand


Cream of the Crop in Stone … ALAPİETRA

The cute town of Aegean Region, Alaçatı is a place where you feel like a hero in a fairy land while walking down its streets. In addition to its streets adorned with bougainvilleas, its clean air, nature and sea, the most unique and fascination characteristic of Alaçatı is its natural houses. Aydoğdu Ticaret adds even more beauty to Alaçatı with the stones it extracts from its tuff and crushed stone quarries and it opens up to the world with Alapietra stone.


Project stone

The company official Namık Kemal Aydoğdu says: “Developing and operating in the same quarry for approximately 12 years, our commercial activities are specialized in two different areas of crushed stone quarry and natural stone quarry, and it is making its way to larger objectives. We appear in construction sector and in domestic market with our crushed stone quarry, and our tuff stone quarry, which we own as natural stone, constantly increase its popularity in both domestic and foreign markets and appear at inner and external face walls.”


Natural beauty

Stating that they continue their commercial life in line with their principles based on customer satisfaction, quality and success, Aydoğdu said: “We are blessed to have the tuff stone, which is one of the values of our country and which is only available at the region of Çeşme in basaltic white, and we also bear the responsibility of having the only quarry in the area that manufactures natural stone. Our mission is to ensure its publicity by focusing on its contribution to insulation and its decorative richness, preserve this legacy which is in harmony with the nature in terms of health and esthetics, present the natural and harmonious beauty of Alaçatı in national and foreign market, and provide an alternate added value to our country.”


Stone houses

Stating their mission is to ensure that tuff stone and, with it, Alaçatı is well-known throughout the world without losing their  principles and humble traditions, Aydoğdu said the following: “The mission of ALAPİETRA is to promote stone house concept, which is symbolized with white tuff stone and Alaçatı, without making concessions from its principles. The amount of success we had since the date of our foundation shows that our company is advancing toward its vision step by step. Since we have a geography which is extremely rich in terms of natural stone, becoming an important brand both in Turkish market and world market is among the future plans of ALAPİETRA.”